Fine Spirits Expertly Crafted - It's STILL the Water!

At Sandstone Distillery, we hand-craft each batch of spirits from Washington-grown grains, carefully fermented and artfully distilled at just the right moment to bring the finest of the spirit to your bottle...spirits worthy of the Sandstone tradition!

(21-yrs+  Please imbibe responsibly)

Whiskey Nights ~ Music at the Stills with Ethan Tucker!

Awesome night with Ethan ~ cheers to his continued success! 

ETHAN TUCKER IS IN THE HOUSE!  August 4th ~ join us for another Whiskey Nights~ Music at the Stills as this amazing locally-grown-nationally-known artist fills the distillery with his soulful, bluesy, Island-reggae tunes!   Tickets at:



So excited to kick off our 2017 Whiskey Nights - Music at the Stills with Andy Landers!


We welcome Andy back to the distillery to share his authentic, powerful, personal and provocative music!  Tickets here:

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