~ Crafted Right, Crafted Right Here ~

At Sandstone Distillery, we hand-craft each batch of spirits from Washington-grown grains, carefully fermented and artfully distilled at just the right moment to bring the finest of the spirit to your bottle...spirits worthy of the Sandstone tradition!

(21-yrs+  Please imbibe responsibly)


Take an insightful, entertaining, and educational tour of our distillery - learn how (and why!) we hand-craft each small batch of spirits, then experience Sandstone spirits for yourself in our tasting room. Flights include our award-winning whiskeys and vodkas, our light and delightful gins, our proprietary bacon-infused whiskey, and more!

$5 per person


Sandstone is pleased to offer unique "DISTILLER FOR A DAY" experiences! Join us to learn the fundamentals of the CRAFT grain-to-bottle process:

1 person = $150

2 people = $275

3 people = $350

Participants will experience hands-on the process of TRUE craft grain-to-bottle spirits production. And what is craft, you may ask?  

"Craft," according to Washington State as pertains to distilleries, is the process of producing one's own spirits using at least 51% Washington-grown grains or base product.  Buy local ~ be local resonates with us, and we take that definition to the next level by intentionally sourcing 100% of our grains from local Washington farmers ~ grains we often help harvest fresh right out of the fields!  

Grinding those superior grains moments before the cook allows us to capture all the delicious flavors they impart.  Then comes the cooking and fermenting and generally making 




the distillery smell like a giant bakery (yum!), and finally the wonder of distillation as we produce spirits worthy of the craft tradition. 

Participants in DISTILLER FOR A DAY will also receive a voucher for a spot in the next Sandstone Bottling Party so as to experience the entire grain to bottle process.  But the best part? TASTING finished product, of course! And a complimentary  tasting is included in each DISTILLER FOR A DAY reservation.

Please contact John @ to inquire about availability.  Cheers!

John and Justin, you were terrific hosts. Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed our day. Your product knowledge was fabulous and your enthusiasm was contagious. We are really excited for Sandstone’s bright future.
Best wishes!