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At Sandstone Distillery, we hand-craft each batch of spirits from Washington-grown grains, carefully fermented and artfully distilled at just the right moment to bring the finest of the spirit to your bottle...spirits worthy of the Sandstone tradition!

(21-yrs+  Please imbibe responsibly)

Stone Carver White Whiskey

750 mL White Whiskey.jpg
750 mL White Whiskey.jpg

Stone Carver White Whiskey

from 30.00

Double Gold Medalist at the SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITS competition, and awarded SIP MAGAZINE'S BEST OF THE NORTHWEST! This clear spirit is a flavorful, bold, un-aged whiskey artfully hand-crafted from Washington-grown grains, fermented until the time is just right, and distilled into a whiskey worthy of barreling. But Stone Carver White is reserved instead for those wanting the "just off the still" experience. Sip and enjoy!

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